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Gutter cover survey

To answer the question about adding gutter covers like the product we handle leafDefier some pictures of the current condition of the gutters were taken as I spot checked the gutters. The goal was to see how clogged the gutters were and what areas seem to the most blockage. With more information on where most of the seeds and leaves from the trees accumulate after not being cleaned for 6 months then you can project what the need might be. In this case the buildings in Stamford have a number of trees near by but only about half of the gutters have any organic material in them.

Gutter maintenance options

To keep the cost of maintenance down for the Condominium Association two options are possible. Set a budget amount to install covers on the sections that get the most leaves then so the sections that accumulate the most leaves so cleaning is not needed as often. With a 25 year warrantee the gutters with LeafDefier will remain free flowing and only a periodic cleaning will be needed on the rest of the system. My estimation is every 3 years. One clear way to know if there is a need to do the gutters is watch for over flowing gutters in a thunderstorm. As long as this is not happening then the cleaning can be postponed.

The other benefit is if the cleaning contractor learns the system and the fact that not that much has to be cleaned then the cost of cleaning the rest of the uncovered gutters should be less since it will go faster. The one variable is the tree in front of the project as it gets bigger it will probably start filling the front gutters with more leaves. Right now it does not look like much is accumulating in that section. The other option for the association would be to add some amount of LeafDefier at each future cleaning in the worst sections of gutters that have not been done yet. This would extend the need for periodic cleaning even longer and help fit the always tight condominium association budget.

Click on one of the gutter cleaning slide show pictures if you want to see a larger view


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