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Gutter cleaning New Haven Connecticut

The gutters at this condominium project were over flowing and pouring down the face of the buildings in some situations. The downspouts had material that had flowed to them and blocked the down spouts. As more leaves and seeds flowed along the gutters they built up and added to the plugging of the down spouts. One of the things that I wanted to show is the build up of material and how it just does not get pushed clear. The biggest reason for this is often the flow of water is fairly along the gutters. Then as the gutters dry this organic material sticks to the gutter forming a dam at the down spouts.

Pictures of the gutter cleaning project

Click on one of the pictures if you want to see a larger view of a picture.

The gutters are now clear of all leaves and foriegn material so that no flooding should occure from them over flowing.

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