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Gutter cleaning Hartford County CT

In Hartford county we provide services and gutter covers to help keep you gutters and down spouts clear and free flowing. This helps maintain the condition of the house preventing water damage to the structure and the landscaping. With out keeping the gutters clean a number of things can happen such as insect infestation, siding rot and mildew, erosion around the landscaping and possibly water leaks in the basement. We are in business to help prevent this and from having to do the fairly dangerous task for homeowners of cleaning gutters. Our ladders are commercial grade high capacity with stabilizers so that you do not have to be climbing ladders up one or two stories with cleaning tools and a bucket or bag is which can be inherently dangerous. A numbers of accidents from ladder falls or possible electrocution that does happen in hartford County by people cleaning gutters and doing other outdoor ladder tasks.

Home damage

The damage to your home from clogged gutters can be extensive. It can loosen and separate the gutters from the side of the house rendering them ineffective. It can cause premature rot in the fascia boards, resulting in water to penetrating the exterior waterproofing and getting into the walls resulting in mold, and mildew and in between the walls and also water damage in the living space. Information on the health risks from mold is getting widely disseminated and can certainly be expensive to remediate and reduce the value of a home. Overflowing gutters pour water right next to with this concentration of water it can then sit there and work its way into the basement, create cracks in the foundation and require extensive repairs. With a particularly wet season this type of damage is greatly increasing. The other issue that can be compounded by poorly drained gutters are Ice Dams in the winter, when this happens, it is not easy to fix until spring. If you are in the New Haven County area contact us for a quote to clean your gutters.

Dirty gutters harbor Mosquitoes and Insects

Additional health considerations besides climbing ladders to clean the gutters are things like clogged gutters are a haven for Mosquitoes who will breed freely in such a cloistered moist environment. In cleaning many clogged gutters you can actually see the larvae swimming around in the trapped water prior to fully cleaning them. Mosquitoes tend to live where they hatch so you create your own source of new mosquitoes that are looking to bite. Mosquitoes can be both a health risk and a constant distraction to the enjoyment of outdoor life around your home here in Connecticut.

Other bugs we often encounter in cleaning gutters are Bees, Wasps Spiders, Bees, Earwigs and Termites are also comfortable with clogged gutters and can cause serious problems to your home. Mold and mildew are not insects but they do growth on walls, wood and other areas that have dampness are both unsightly and a health hazard. Regular gutter cleaning can help to keep the home water proofing working right and prevented mold and insects from growing around your home.


In Hartford county we will come out and clean your gutters and dispose of the debris. Check that the system is working and do it promptly and in a professional manner. If you no longer want to have to deal with gutter cleaning we have a product called LeafDefier that covers the gutters so that they will not have to be cleaned. This product is guaranteed for 25 years by the manufacturer. For more information on our gutter services in Hartford County please contact us at 203-906-6079. We are a solution to a messy and potentially dangerous situation so you can avoid the problems listed above.

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