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Gutter cleaning Glastonbury CT

One of the services that can be included with the cleaning of gutters is to take pictures of any problems that may be found when cleaning gutters for a customer. In this case there were not major problems found. This ia a review of what is going on at the roof line as well as the seeing some of the gutter cleaning service performed. In this case the house and roof area are all in good shape other than some errosion in one place do to cloged gutters that have been cleaned and downspouts cleared.

One of the typical things you see when doing gutter cleaning is the Satalite TV companies frequenty use the gutters as duct work for there cables. It helps hide the cables but also narrows the gutter opening so that leaves tend to accululate more. It is sort of a pet peave of mine as a gutter cleaning contractor.

The gutters were cleaned and the leaves were disposed of. As the gutters were cleaned the down spouts were checked to make sure that they were not clogged. At the front of the house one section was clearly blocked and seemed to be causing water to overflow and was washing dirt away from the plantings. This should be corrected now.

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