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Gutter Cleaning Fairfield Connecticut

Gutter cleaning services provided in the town of Fairfield Connecticut include gutter cleaning and clearing downspouts of blockages. When there are covers on the gutters the are either flushed out, blown out, removed and cleaned by hand what ever is efficient based on the type of gutter cover, how bad the clog is and time of year. The point is before we leave the system will be back working the way it should be. In older towns that are well developed like Fairfield a lot of the home have large trees that are dropping needles, seeds and leaves all ganging up on the gutter to potentially clog them spring and fall.

Cleaning the standard open gutter is not all that hard it just takes the right sturdy ladders to get to the gutters. Handling the ladders is certainly hard physical work but being safe in the process is the most important thing. I have years of experience working in the area with no problems. The leaves are removed by hand or with a blower and what method is used is based on the best way to both clean the gutters and leave the property as good as I found it or better. I fully understand that no one wants to have a nice Fairfield home and have a contractor come in and make a mess. If you can not tell I was there all patio furniture is back were it belongs and everything looks nice that is a good thing.

A Video of one of our projects in town of Fairfield

This house was for sale the gutters were clogged and overflowing. Debris has been spilling down the side of the house and on to the deck.

In this video the house had a real problem in the back as you can see they were totally blocked. But the front was almost totally clear. Each house can be very different.

Gutters clog even with screens or covers

Zero maintenance gutters are a concept that seldom happens. It is more a question of how often cleaning and maintenance have to be done. When work does have to be done on covered gutters many times the work is a lot greater due to having to get around the covers and how they are attached.

The gutter covers have openings large enough for some spruce needles to get into the gutters over time. They run down the roof and some go of the screens and some find there way into the gutters. With the water flow being relatively slow and no pressure, the needles get pushed towards the downspouts but some stops and starts to dam up the outlet. With the size of the screens and spruce trees above the house some needles invariably get into the gutters requiring periodic gutter cleaning.

Clogged Downspouts

To show what is happening here is a picture showing the needles that have flowed with the water down to the down spout opening but does not get flushed out of the system. As this material dries it sticks to the gutter and next time when it rains more material floats to the end and some builds up. Over time with a lot of needles I often find the down spouts completely opening blocked causing overflowing and customers thinking that there gutters are the wrong size for the house. With removing the clog and cleaning the gutters the system will work fine.

Gutter screens have been removed showing down spout blocked by needles

Gutter cleaning progress pictures

Here is a slideshow presentation of the gutter cleaning in fairfield. The covers were removed and then the needles leaves and any other debris was swept out by hand. To make sure the down spouts were clear air from a blower was used to see clear flow of air out the other end of the down spouts. The blower helps to clean what we do not get by hand and then the gutter covers are replaced over the cleaned gutters.


Click on one of the gutter cleaning slideshow pictures if you want to see a larger view

If you have a home or business that has gutters that need cleaning please give us a call at (203) 906-6079 or go to our contact page and we will give you a fair price do the work the right way and your problem will go away. You do not have to climb and ladders either. What could be better than that?


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