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Gutter Cleaning Easton Connecticut

One of the things that I often see is the debris in a gutter blocking the down spouts. The material is not pushed out of the system by the flow of rain water. You can see here the small tree seeds flowed to the end of the gutter system and accumulated at the down spout and stopped there. Over time leaves and debris back up behind the blockage and it just continues to accumulate and block the water flow. With cleaning the gutters the rain water will flow clearly. The second shot is a close up of the cleaned opening of the down spout at the front of the house.

Click on one of the gutter cleaning slide show pictures if you want to see a larger view

With the number of trees around all the homes in Easton Connecticut this is typical of how clogged the gutters can get. Cleaning the gutters is not hard but the safety considerations and being up on the roof is what is taken very seriously. With the periodic cleaning the system will continue to work well and there was no visible damage to the house or issues that need to be taken care of at this time.

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