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clogged gutter with weeds large

This is not a staged picture of a dirty gutter!

I saw this in my travels and wanted to show a picture of a real dirty gutter in need of professional gutter cleaning.

Maintenance of the gutter system by a professional includes such things as respect for the property. Not damaging the gutters as you work and making repairs as needed. Using the safest equipment on the job to prevent accidents. Collecting all possible debris and disposing of it properly. Cleaning up after the work is completed so you do not see any disruption.

With time and lack of maintenance debris collects in the gutters as it rolls of the roof

Cleaning the gutter will prevent more water damage from occurring.

The way I do a complete cleaning is done by going up and pulling it out by hand and putting all the debris collected in the gutter in a bucket to dispose of it. I do not use a blower to just scatter the material all over your yard. Any thing that is dropped is swept of any walkways. Taking a professional approach to a simple task like gutter cleaning is what gets favorable reviews

To prevent this from happening again regular maintenance is strongly recommended. The other option would be to add the leaf defier and then you would not have to worry about any downspout clogs for years. Knowing when the gutter was last cleaned and how many trees are in the area are the first step in deciding if a gutter cover system makes good sense. The other factor would be return on investment in peace of mind in not having to think about the gutters combined with how long you anticipate staying in the house. I would always be happy to give you my professional opinion having cleaned a lot of gutters.

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