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I will personally work with you to organize your garage Catalog

Other than the living room or a finished basement the garage is often the largest space in the home. Often it has evolved into a dumping ground for whatever does not fit elsewhere in the house. With time and planning a large amount of space can be gained and better utilized with better organization there for less walking around and looking for things. Better use of the garage walls to store your things. On the walls there are many options for cabinets. Also considered are decorative easily maintained Garage flooring. The garage ceiling over the garage door may be a place to put bulky items

If you are not well organized, I can offer you a large number of options for garage space utilization. The project may evolve from just adding some brackets to hold more items up to beautiful and sophisticated layouts to make the garage into a multifunctional living space.

swiss track inter locking floor small 350

Design ideas are fully listed and drawn out for your approval.

A scaled drawing of the proposed garage storage and layout will be provided. The key is being able to visualizing what can be done and how it will look is set up to help discuss and finalize the plan.

I use a full check list of potential uses of the space to help discover everything that you would like to achieve if the plan is put in place. Catalog of products available.

Other products offered to best fit your needs

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