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Power Washing North Haven

Cleaning the house to improve the curb appeal prior to listing for sale

Power washing for curb appeal to sell a house

Cleaning two sides of the house so it would look better for sale with the right process can leave the siding fresh and clean of dirt, dust, grime and mold on the siding. This biggest problem area was around the side entrance that is under cover and never washed off by rain.

20150723 171013next to door befor cleaning smallGetting a good photograph of the dirt is sort of hard to do from a distance. So a close up shows the detail but not where it is located on the building. With this first shot the specs and stuff that clings to the siding is visible prior to cleaning

Shadded areas have the most mold

20150723 154435 mold behind rohdodendron smallBehind the rhododendrons on the siding and around the white window trim mold has accumulated and leaves a real dinging look. To clean it the power washing solution will certainly kill the mold but some times a brown film still sticks to the house. So instead of using the pressure of the water to blow it off the house a soft brush on a pole is better to clean it off and is both effective and easier on the house.

The trim around the windows being white espcially show mold and the accumulation of dirt20150723 154441mold on trim around the window small

Pictures of the end result of the cleaning

20150723 154441 white window trim cleaned smallI had to grab this shot right after spraying the house the trim did need a little brushing but it brightenes up right before your eyes before getting a chance to rinse. Progess is great when you see it in action.

20150723 154435 mold behind rohdodendron removed smallBehind the plants doing the cleaning just required shooting in from the side to coat the siding with the cleaner. With some contact time and a light brushing you can see the siding is still wet but now it is clean.

20150723 171013next to door smallNext to the door was the area to focus on to make sure it comes clean. The dirt was not really bonded to the siding so with a quality surfactant in the house wash this area came clean. Compair this shot to the first one on the page and you can see that it is cleaned and looking good.

20150723 171013next to door befor cleaning comparison smallSo I combined the before and after picture to create a sing shot to show the before and after. It is not real proffesional in the way the parts line up but you should be able to get the idea from this.

Final Shot for Finished Power Washing Looks Good

20150724 103153 side doorway cleaned both sides smallBoth sides of the side entrance are now clean and looks fresh the way it should. So when a person comes to look at the house the feel good about the property not wondering what it will take to clean it up., LLC 135 Forest Street Hamden, Connectictut 06518 United states Built By David W. Cox - Copyright © 2014, LLC Phone 203 906-6079