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Power Washing Connecticut

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Mold has built up on this house over time so it is thick and dark
The greater New Haven County area is where we service for residential power washing. The company is based in Hamden Connecticut and we service customers in the entire county as well as neighboring towns below Hartford West of the Connecticut River and East of Westport Connecticut. Will I go farther certainly if asked or if not too busy with scheduled work closer to home. The goal of providing this service is to do an exceptional job so the house looks as good as it can. Doing this I explain the work and am friendly to any customer. So YOU are 100% satisfied with the power washing and the power washing contractor.

How I do The Power Washing

The method of power washing I use is to apply quality cleaning agents and letting them do the work. Not using high pressure water to clean the house. I call this soft touch house washing. It may sound like a subtle nuance but in fact is the key to both cleaning and protecting your home’s exterior. The power washing combined with a specialized nozzle allows me to place a layer of cleaner on the house. It is allowed to stay on the siding for a period of time so it does the work to clean.

By the “work” I mean breaking the bond between the exterior of the house finish and the dirt and mold that is making the house dirty. With a professional cleaning solution the surfactant makes the water wetter. The most important issue is to get the dirt off efficiently without doing hydro demolition on the side of the house. The magic of the right product is not having to use the force of the water to blast dirt off the side of the house.

Then the house is rinsed with a wide flow of water droplets that looks like a fast moving mist. This is use to flush to dirt and cleaner off the side of the home. If there is heavy mold or dirt that does not come off a soft brush on an extension pole is used to agitate the area to wipe out the dirt.

This difference in having the right stuff to clean a house is because others do not clean with low pressure techniques. I have watched employees of a large franchise window cleaning company that also does “Pressure Washing” stand at the side of a home and inch by inch blast the house with water to clean it. This is both inefficient and can be very hard on the homes finish. I have never found this to be needed even on the hardest to clean buildings. My low pressure technique also applies to my sales effort there is no pressure. I give you a committed price and stick to it unless the scope is changed and agreed to.

Protecting you landscaping

The cleaning process is like being exposed to salt spray like you would have at the shore. So when I clean every precaution is used to not damage the flowers or plants. This is done be wetting them prior to power washing so anything that lands on the plants is diluted. Then after the house wash is applied the plants are rinsed to wash the salts of the plants. Then as the cleaning is finished with the rinse additional water is sprayed on the plants to add a third application of fresh water. Attention to the plants is set up to dilute the contact of the cleaner and the homes plantings.

All parts of the home are reached

I mention this since some customers have said others that have power washed the house did not clean the high parts. I also climb ladders. What makes my service unique in the area is most all power washing contractors go to all sorts of efforts to avoid climbing ladders. I use ladders to clean gutters and roof cleaning all the time. So when I do power washing I have on the truck two or more ladders that get me up to 40 feet and the power washer reaches up from there. So the high detail areas are cleaned not just what can be done with ground work and an extension.

I run and operate a one many company that is professionally managed to do power washing headquartered in the New Haven Area. We back our work with a solid commitment that our exterior cleaning services will enhance and sustain the beauty of your property for years to come. This is backed up with positive reviews on a number of websites. The internet makes for a small world so I do what it takes to make sure a customer is happy. Whatever it takes.

Reasons to do power washing

If you do not do regular washing of your home over time things get worse. It allows mold, mildew, dirt and many other contaminants to become embedded in your siding. In addition to this a moldy dirty house will negatively impact your home’s beauty and curb appeal. A bad looking house will both devalue your home and degrade its exterior.

Our Pressure Washing Services

I provide residential power washing services in Connecticut to do exterior cleaning of houses, sidewalks, decks, mold removal, patio, roof cleaning, algae removal, vinyl siding cleaning, stucco cleaning, and gutters.

I have studied the industry and attended conferences to select what I feel is the best way to efficiently clean a home’s exterior. Our soft touch power washing uses the best industry techniques to achieve a highest quality of clean for your home, business, or rental property.

My service is based on cold water cleaning of homes not using hot water cleaning. I just am not geared for that since it is a different market. For residential home cleaning or questions please contact me or call me at 203-906-6079 for anything I answer the phone and call back if I cannot answer from a job site.

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Hours of Operation

Doing work that is primarily outside the actual hours of operation varies by season. What this hours of operation shows you is when I am available. For any particulalar project there is a need to work on off hours certainly that is possible. But as a rule these are the times to reach me by phone., LLC Hours of operation

moleskin notes 128We Will Make A Note and Be There

      • Monday:        7:00am - 8:30pm
      • Tuesday:       7:00am - 8:30pm
      • Wedesday:    7:00am - 8:30pm
      • Thursday:     7:00am - 8:30pm
      • Friday:          7:00am - 8:30pm
      • Saturday:     7:00am - 12:30pm
      • Saturday:     12 :30pm - by appointment after 12:30pm
      • Sunday:       by appintment

Exceptions to the hours of operation are when water damage is occuring we will go and do what has to be done. Examples would be when ice dams have formed and water is leaking into the house we will do what is needed to stop the water damage. Or when gutters back up and creating damage we will come and remove the blockage., LLC  |  203-906-6079 |  Contact

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Thank you

We have received your inquiry for a quotation for gutter cleaning. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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How fast we can do the work - it depends

phone retro 256Phone Call 203 906-6079

The work load naturally varies based on time of year and size of the projects we undertake. So it is hard to say on this page how fast we are available. But we will get back to you as soon as possible based on our internet access and the ability to look up any information that may be needed to give you a binding quotation.

If a faster response is needed call 203-906-6079 if I am not up on a roof we will answer promptly. Text messages are possible since this is my cell phone

We will get the work done promptly and done right.

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Gutter cover survey

To answer the question about adding gutter covers like the product we handle leafDefier some pictures of the current condition of the gutters were taken as I spot checked the gutters. The goal was to see how clogged the gutters were and what areas seem to the most blockage. With more information on where most of the seeds and leaves from the trees accumulate after not being cleaned for 6 months then you can project what the need might be. In this case the buildings in Stamford have a number of trees near by but only about half of the gutters have any organic material in them.

Gutter maintenance options

To keep the cost of maintenance down for the Condominium Association two options are possible. Set a budget amount to install covers on the sections that get the most leaves then so the sections that accumulate the most leaves so cleaning is not needed as often. With a 25 year warrantee the gutters with LeafDefier will remain free flowing and only a periodic cleaning will be needed on the rest of the system. My estimation is every 3 years. One clear way to know if there is a need to do the gutters is watch for over flowing gutters in a thunderstorm. As long as this is not happening then the cleaning can be postponed.

The other benefit is if the cleaning contractor learns the system and the fact that not that much has to be cleaned then the cost of cleaning the rest of the uncovered gutters should be less since it will go faster. The one variable is the tree in front of the project as it gets bigger it will probably start filling the front gutters with more leaves. Right now it does not look like much is accumulating in that section. The other option for the association would be to add some amount of LeafDefier at each future cleaning in the worst sections of gutters that have not been done yet. This would extend the need for periodic cleaning even longer and help fit the always tight condominium association budget.

Click on one of the gutter cleaning slide show pictures if you want to see a larger view


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Gutter Cleaning in New Haven County

In New Haven county we provide services to help keep you gutters and down spouts clean and free flowing. This helps both the family health and protects the house and landscaping from water damage. With out keeping them clean a number of things can happen such as insect infestation, siding rot and mildew, erosion around the landscaping and possibly water leaks in the basement. We are in business to help prevent this and from having to do the fairly dangerous task for homeowners of cleaning gutters. Our ladders are commercial grade high capacity with stabilizers so that you do not have to be climbing ladders up one or two stories with cleaning tools and a bucket or bag is which can be inherently dangerous. A numbers of accidents from ladder falls or electrocution are recorded each year in New Haven County by people cleaning gutters and doing other outdoor ladder tasks.

Home damage

The damage to your home from clogged gutters can be extensive. It can loosen and separate the gutters from the side of the house rendering them ineffective. It can cause premature rot in the fascia boards, resulting in water to penetrating the exterior waterproofing and getting into the walls resulting in mold, and mildew and in between the walls and also water damage in the living space. Information on the health risks from mold is getting widely disseminated and can certainly be expensive to remediate and reduce the value of a home. Overflowing gutters pour water right next to with this concentration of water it can then sit there and work its way into the basement, create cracks in the foundation and require extensive repairs. With a particularly wet season this type of damage is greatly increasing. The other issue that can be compounded by poorly drained gutters are Ice Dams in the winter, when this happens, it is not easy to fix until spring. If you are in the New Haven County area contact us for a quote to clean your gutters.

Dirty gutters harbor Mosquitoes and Insects

Additional health considerations besides climbing ladders to clean the gutters are things like clogged gutters are a haven for Mosquitoes who will breed freely in such a cloistered moist environment. In cleaning many clogged gutters you can actually see the larvae swimming around in the trapped water prior to fully cleaning them. Mosquitoes tend to live where they hatch so you create your own source of new mosquitoes that are looking to bite. Mosquitoes can be both a health risk and a constant distraction to the enjoyment of outdoor life around your home here in Connecticut.

Other bugs we often encounter in cleaning gutters are Bees, Wasps Spiders, Bees, Earwigs and Termites are also comfortable with clogged gutters and can cause serious problems to your home. Mold and mildew are not insects but they do growth on walls, wood and other areas that have dampness are both unsightly and a health hazard. Regular gutter cleaning can help to keep the home water proofing working right and prevented mold and insects from growing around your home.


In New Haven county we will come out and clean your gutters and dispose of the debris. Check that the system is working and do it promptly and in a professional manner. If you no longer want to have to deal with gutter cleaning we have a product called LeafDefier that covers the gutters so that they will not have to be cleaned. This product is guaranteed for 25 years by the manufacturer. For more information on our gutter services in New Haven County please contact us at 203-906-6079. We are a solution to a messy and potentially dangerous situation so you can avoid the problems listed above.

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