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We specialize in doing dirty physical projects to clean and maintain the the exterior of your home.

The things I do are gutter cleaning in Connecticut, both inside the gutters and cleaning white gutter's exterior when it gets black streaks.

Power washing to get rid of That Dingy Green Look on the side of the house!

We also clean roofs from black stains, moss and lichen.

Deck cleaning and staining

Over flowing gutter
K style gutter profile cleaned

Clogged Gutters Over Flowing

Leaves twigs and tree seeds fallon the roof rool down and lodge in the gutters. We get the stuff out.

Tall Ladders

Tall Ladders

Have ladder will travel. We are happy to climb the ladders and do the dirty work of cleaning gutters and clearing clogs in the downspouts.

Maple Tree Seeds

Spring Gutter Cleaning

Spring and summer tree seeds clog gutters and downspouts. The oak tree seeds can really be a pest clinging to the roof and gutters.


The flow of work I do changes from time to time.
During the winter I do are things like ice dam removal and website design

Side of a house that needs power washing

Power Washing

Soft touch power washing to clean your homes exterior surfaces with out damage.

Roof Cleaning get rid of black streaks

Roof Cleaning

Clean the black roof stains, moss and lichen

finished deck cleaning and staining

Deck Cleaning

Wood Restoration of decks, cleaning and staining


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A professional contractor for pressure washing, roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, and deck cleaning
"We take care of your home exterior cleaning needs and climb ladders so you do not have to"
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