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Home of the Tackcoat that is not diluted. We package RS-1 in five gallon pails and sell it by the pail or the pallet

We deliver to you in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Maine

Pallet deliveries are done with our flat bed truck that has a detachable forklift so we can unload it and place it where you want it with no labor needed.

Our price is substantially below the asphalt plant price - They make enough profit on the hot mix we save you real dollars on the tack coat

Commercial painting
Rollers to show color choices

When We Say Best By Test

We mean that this product is not adulterated and meets the ASHTO specifications.

Tall Ladders

Delivery Truck

When we deliver our quality product we unload it and place it for you in your yard or at the job site

Maple Tree Seeds

Colloidal Mill

The way an oil is broken down to small enough parts it can be held in suspension along with other chemistry.


When we say it is "best bt Test" we mean it

Meets ASHTO Specifications

Our Tack Meets Specifications

So it is a consistant product to produce a reliable result

picture of delaminated pavement due to poor tack application

Prevent this Kind of Pavement Failure

The right product applied well = Durability, customer satisfaction

randam patch repair tack applied to surrounding pavement

Pavement Repair

Random Openings tack coat for a duranble joint

tack coat applied to manhole cut out in pavement

Tack Cote Application

Application on vertical edge around a manhole cut


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